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The STA. CRUZ ACADEMY had a very humble beginning. With the displaced staff and high school students from (defunct SCCI) Sta. Cruz Central Institute, the enrollment in its first academic year was literally held under the trees.

The late Dr. Conrado P. Jimenez Jr., the incumbent Municipal Mayor and successful alumnus of SCCI , took all the possible actions to settle amicably the dispute between administrators and the employees and that to keep the school operational. Unfortunately, his efforts was in vain because the school owner informed the public that SCCI is totally closed from the school year 1989 and onwards due to bankruptcy.

In response to the insistent demands and request of parents and students, in May 1989, the late Dr. Conrado P. Jimenez Jr., deeply concern with the plight, immediately constructed temporary classrooms within his residential area to house the displaced SCCI population. Inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit, there was a strong calling for the late Dr. Conrado P. Jimenez Jr., - A SERVICE TO EDUCATION for the youth of Sta. Cruz, Lubao and nearby barangays, thus the closure of SCCI is the opening of the Sta. Cruz Academy. The founder firmly believed that the best gift we can offer to our children is EDUCATION.


    To ensure a healthy school, safe, orderly climate and wholesome environment and the location more conductive to learning the founder acquired a rice land 10, 300 square meters located in Bona St. Sta. Cruz, Lubao, Pampanga. Eventually this place became the permanent location of the Elementary and High School Department. Also, we purchased a nearby lot of 6,023 square meters for school expansion.


    Many have witnessed how Sta. Cruz Academy struggled for its survival. But it managed to rise to its height despite the odds and is constantly growing and expanding. Indeed, the school is nurtured with genuine trust, service, commitment, dedication and her strong leadership.




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